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Bare Foot -N- Wild Is Back!

Back in production for the first time in over 35 years!

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Who is Mandatory Family Fun?

We are Josh & Breana. We are entrepreneurs with a desire to share our passion for bringing families and friends together to play games! We started this adventure in January, 2023 after we played our favorite card game, Barefoot-n-Wild, with some new friends. They loved it so much they wanted a copy of their own, but unfortunately it was sold out! Through a little a digging (and a lot of Divine providence) we were able to get in contact with the original designer of the game, Laurie K. Turnbeaugh. After explaining the significance of the game to Josh's family of 40 (and growing!) she agreed to allow us to put the game in back in production. We hope you enjoy this game as much as we do. . . and, of course, share it with a friend! -Josh & Breana Akerberg Founders, Mandatory Family Fun

Bare Foot -N- Wild Rules

  Goal of the game: Lay down all your cards by creating sets of cards and have t...
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