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Bare Foot -N- Wild Rules

Bare Foot -N- Wild Rules

Aug 16, 2023

Mandatory Family Fun


Goal of the game:

Lay down all your cards by creating sets of cards and have the highest amount of points at the end of five rounds.

How to Begin:

When playing partners, the partners must sit opposite each other, ensuring at least one other player between them. Playing with partners is recommended for 4 or 6 players.

When playing with 2-4 players, use both packs of blue cards. When playing with 5-6 players, use the blue and red cards together. 

Do the Bare Foot Shuffle by placing all cards face down in the middle of the table and thoroughly mixing them. Each player draws two groups of 11 cards (one is called your “hand” and one is called your “foot”). Pass the cards to the player to the left. Gather the remaining cards together as a draw pile.

For Round 1: Cut the deck to determine who will go first. For subsequent rounds, play begins with the next player, going clockwise.

Players choose one pile of cards to be their Hand, and they may look at their Hand. The other pile is their Foot, and this pile is set aside, face down, until all cards in their Hand have been played.

Every turn begins by drawing two cards from the draw pile and ends by discarding one card. During each turn, players are trying to create sets of cards. A set is 3 or more of the same numbered cards. A Clean set is one with no wild cards. A Dirty set is one with wild cards – there must always be more numbered cards than wild cards in a dirty set. Wild cards display a foot with the point value on them, either 20 or 50.


Players must meld once at the beginning of each round. When playing partners, only one partner must meld. The meld is one or more sets with a high enough combined point value for a player to place cards on the table. After melding, a player may place any set in their hand on the table, regardless of its value, or may place a single card onto one of their existing sets. Meld values increase with each round:

  • Round One: 50 points
  • Round Two: 100 points
  • Round Three: 150 points
  • Round Four: 200 points
  • Round Five: 250 points
Playing the Rounds:

Play continues to the left. Each player continues to draw cards to make new sets or play cards on their or their partner’s existing sets until all cards in the Hand have been played. Partners should not have the same sets, but should play same numbered cards on their partner’s existing set.

Once a player has seven cards in a set, it becomes a stack. Clean stacks have only numbered cards. Dirty stacks contain wild cards. Cards are gathered together into a stack with a red number on top to indicate a Clean stack or a black number on top to indicate a Dirty stack. Creating a stack earns additional bonus points at the end of the round. Number cards may continue to be added to stacks throughout the round; additional Wild cards may not be added to a Dirty Stack after it is completed.

When a player discards the last card in their Hand, player picks up their Foot but will not begin to play those cards until their next turn. If there is no card to discard, player may pick up their Foot and continue playing immediately. Play continues as normal with the Foot: adding sets, completing stacks, etc

All cards in the discard pile are dead and may not be used again unless all cards in the draw pile have been used. Then the discard pile is reshuffled.

Clothing Cards:

Clothing cards display a shoe or sock. A Clothing Set has 3 or more clothing cards, and both shoes and socks are played in the same clothing set. No wild cards may be played with the clothing cards. Seven clothing cards makes a Clothing Stack, and if a player begins a Clothing Set, they may not end the round until a stack has been completed. If the round is ended by a different player, all clothing cards in an uncompleted set count against the player, even if they are laid on the table.

Ending a Round:

If a player or partnership has completed a Clean Stack and has played through the cards in their hand and foot, they are eligible to finish the round. When playing partners, both players in the partnership must have played their Foot in at least one turn. The player finishing the round must have a discard, and that discard may not be a Clothing Card. If the player has started a Clothing Set, that set must be completed into a Clothing Stack before ending the round.

Are You Bare Foot?

When playing partners, the player wanting to end the round must ask their partner, out loud, “Are you Bare Foot?” If the player answers yes, this means they have no clothing cards in their hand. The asking player may then discard their final card, ending the round. If the answer is no, this means the partner has at least one clothing card in their hand and the partnership is not eligible to end the round. The asking player must continue without ending the round.

Scoring Each Round:

Calculate the bonus points that each player or partnership receives for their completed stacks.

Add point values of all cards played, including cards used to make stacks.

Deduct points from the score for cards not played in the Hand or Foot and Clothing Cards not in a completed stack.

Point Values
  • Clean Stack:          500 points
  • Dirty Stack:            300 points
  • Clothing Stack:      1,000 points
  • Numbers 1-5:         5 points
  • Numbers 6-10:       10 points
  • Numbers 11 & 12:  20 points
  • Blue Wild:               20 points
  • Red Wild:                50 points
  • Sock:                      50 points
  • Shoe:                      100 points
***Clothing Cards Meld Value: 5 points***