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First released to the public in 1986, BARE FOOT-N-WILD is the newest, wildest, most exciting, card game ever! Combining strategy with the luck of the draw, this fun and easy card game is great for bringing together family and friends. Carefully designed cards make playing the game easy to learn. Using strategy, math skills, communication with partners, and learning new card terms, this game appeals to the fun side of kids of all ages!

BARE FOOT-N-WILD is a card game for two to six players. When playing with two, three or four players, you will use the cards with blue backs. With five or six players, you will use the blue-backed cards plus the cards with red backs. Playing with partners is recommended when four or six people are playing the game.

Playing BARE FOOT-N-WILD can be exciting for both singles and doubles. A family friendly card game, BARE FOOT-N-WILD is good for ages from 13-113. Take your family back to the days when families shared time at the table and games were happy, good, clean fun. Get BARE FOOT-N-WILD today!




Mandatory Family Fun is proud to bring this game back to life so you can enjoy countless hours of fast-paced play and conversation in this 2-6 player canasta style, family friendly card game. 

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